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How is the season organized, what certifications do coaches have, or what equipment do you need to play?


All answered below. Please contact us if we haven't answered your question! 

What equipment do I need?

The only equipment you will need are cleats, tall socks, gloves if you want them, and water bottle.

The clubs will provide the shoulder pads, helmets, girdle, jersey(s), mouth guard, and padded pants. 

How many practices or games a week

Each club schedules their own practice times and days, however they typically run two days a week in the evenings. Some clubs choose Monday/Wednesday practices others run Tuesday/Thursday practices.

Games run on Sundays starting in April. 

Where are games held?

Games take place in Lethbridge, Red Deer, Okotoks and Calgary Shouldice Athletic Park

What certifications do coaches have?

Coaches all have their community level NCCP certification as a base by their second year in coaching. They are all required to have their Safe Contact certification. 

All staff and volunteers with the Club have criminal record checks current within three years.

What is the season structure?

The clubs run off season training or meet ups. This usually starts in January.

In early April the season will be kicked off with a Jamboree. This year it is in Red Deer.

Our season starts the following week and runs until early June. There will be playoffs and a league champion. The league champion will then go to provincials against the Northern AB league champion. 

What are the fees and what do they go towards?

League fees for Calgary Bantam teams (Raiders, Eagles, Colts, Wildcats) are $300. Each club will charge an additional fee amount to cover swag, trainers, buses, practice fields or rooms etc. 

Are there Athletic Trainers on site?

As part of the fee listed above, there will be an Athletic Trainer present for all games. Some clubs choose to also have one on site for all practices. 

Do I have to fundraise?

Each club is responsible for this item. Some clubs will charge an additional fee to not fundraise, other clubs do one or two small fundraisers. 

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